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Build with foresight

December 7, 2016

When it comes to building a new home, it pays to think beyond your immediate budget. Often, people think and build according to what their budget will allow right now. But just because good things can’t be afforded today, doesn’t mean you can’t allow for them for later.

Here are some great tips we found on the www. website, tips that will help you take good actions NOW that will pay off LATER.

  1. If you can’t afford to install outdoor heating, make provision for it by running gas pipes or electrical wiring during the build. You can add heating facilities later.
  2. Look at running your music outdoors with outdoor speakers. It’s actually more considerate for the neighbours as you don’t need volumes up as loud to be able to hear.
  3. Sightlines for children’s play areas can be incorporated into your design early in the process. Separate spaces for the kids can be a very valuable asset to living.
  4. Lighting is vital to enhancing a home’s natural features and ambience, so don’t forget to install outdoor lighting, or cable it up even if you can’t afford the lights yet.
  5. Run speaker cable and computer cable throughout your house, even if you cannot afford to install computers and speakers – add them later!
  6. Ensure the materials you build your home from are of good quality from reputable suppliers – from the framing you choose, to the cladding, electrical cabling and plumbing to glass, roofing and interior linings. Fittings can be changed out – you cannot change your framing.
    7. If necessary, think about site leveling beforehand to make full use of your property. By leveling the land off, you can make space for entertaining areas, kid’s play areas or parking. Don’t be scared to move dirt around – it’s never cheaper than before things are built.