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Living Areas

Dining 3800 x 2800
Kitchen 3700 x 3000
Living 4800 x 4600
Lounge 5400 x 5000


Master Bedroom 3800 x 3800
Bedroom 2 3200 x 3100
Bedroom 3 3400 x 3100
Bedroom 4 3400 x 3100
Bedroom 5 3000 x 3300

Total Areas

Floor Area 208m²
Garage Area 38m²

Moonlight 246

The Moonlight 246 is a generous-sized home. Four bedrooms and a study (including large en-suites) makes for easy living.

A large, separate laundry is also a welcome feature, as is the ample storage areas. The living areas horse-shoe nicely around the kitchen/scullery, which makes for easy living.

The Moonlight 246 comes with a built-in covered outdoor area.

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The RPS Process






Move In!

Clarity is what we need

Before a single sketch is done, we’ll spend ample time seeking to understand how you want to functionally live in your home. We also need to understand your values, what you and your family regard as important. Only then can we begin designing for you.

Concept visuals that fit

This is where we take your clear ideas and values and start visualising them. What might your ideal house look like?  We’ll look over RPS Home’s 24 existing plans to find a design that suits. We might then modify one.  Or, we’ll work up something bespoke that fits your unique needs.

Creating a preliminary budget

Now we’ll put together an estimate to ensure we meet your budget. The estimate will be based on your preliminary drawings and specifications based on your wish list. We’ll give you time to review your estimate before our next meeting.

Are we on the right track?

Here we sit down with you and review the estimate, preliminary drawings, floor plans, specifications, and soil reports.  If we can tick all the boxes, we all agree to take the next step. RPS Homes will prepare then issue the contract documents to you to review and sign.

Your new home is created

It takes 6 weeks to gain building consent with the local Council. As soon as we have it, construction of your new home will begin. The build takes 18-20 weeks. During that time you’ll receive updated construction schedules detailing the stages of your house build.

Enjoy your brand new home

All the dreaming and planning has now reached its consummation. Your home is finished and you can spend your first night “at home.” And when you turn off the lights, you can sleep easy knowing that your new home has been built properly, with a 10 Year Master Builders Guarantee.